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Keith E. Cooper
I am an accomplished electric bass guitar player and saxophonist who doubles on flute and clarinet. I have been a professional musician since 1972. I can sight read well and I sing lead and harmony. I have been in numerous bands including the US Army’s 2nd Armored Division Band. I played baritone sax in the dance band. I played bass guitar and sang in the duty combo known as “The Statesmen”. In the chorus I was the section leader for the basses. I played both flute and piccolo in the concert band and the marching band.

Civilian bands I have been in include the show band “The Boys Next Door.” I played bass, saxes, flute, some guitar and some keyboards as well as singing lead and harmony. Around 1990 I was in “The Bop Cats”, Tulsa´s premier ´50s and ´60s band. Again I played a variety of instruments and sang. “The Bop Cats” backed up “The Marvelettes”, Little Anthony, “The Dixie Cups”, Freddie Cannon, “The Drifters”, “The Diamonds”, and numerous other stars from the ´50s and ´60s. We also opened for “Asleep at the Wheel” and “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”.

Orchestras I have played in include “Anything Goes” where I played tenor and baritone saxophones, and the musical review “Sweet And Hot” where I played alto and tenor saxes, flute and clarinet. In March of 2004, I was in the orchestra for "Cabaret" where I played bass guitar, tenor sax, clarinet, and flute. I also arranged music for the orchestra.

I also arrange and compose. Before moving to Tampa, Florida in September, 2004, I had been involved with KMOD radio in Tulsa where I had arranged for up to six horns and rhythm section. I have been a Finale user since 1990.

Previously, I arranged for The Salsa Kings. They are Tulsa's premiere Afro/Cuban band! I also arranged for TimeJam from Orlando, FL: Rockin today's world with yesterday's hits!

Once again I'm looking for a gig in the Tampa Bay area.

If you need an arrangment or would like to commission a composition, please contact me via e-mail at:
Keith E. Cooper